28 maio 2007

Get together

Chet Powers

Love is but a song we sing

and fear’s the way we die.

You can make the mountains ring

or make the angels cry.

Though the bird is on the wing

and you may not know why.

C’mon people, now

smile on your brother,

ev’rybody get together,

try to love one another right now.

Some will come and some will go

and we shall surely pass.

When the one that left us here

returns for us at last.

We are but a moment’s sunlight

fading in the grass.

C’mon people…

If you hear the song we sing

you will understand.

You hold the key to love and fear

in your trembling hand.

Just one key unlocks them both,

it’s there at your command.

C’mon people…

Fonte: álbum com a trilha sonora do filme 1969 (1988). Canção – também conhecida como “Let’s get together” – originalmente gravada em 1963.

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