23 maio 2016

Frank Young, journalist

James H. McGillivray & James R. Echols

It’s seven-thirty in the evening. Frank Young walks down the street. He stops at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Sixth Street. He goes into a building. It’s the Sheldon Times Building.

Sheldon is a big city. About 485,000 people live in this city. There are three important newspapers in Sheldon. The Times is the most important. The Times sells 260,000 papers every day.

The Times appears on the streets of Sheldon every morning. Most of the people in the city like this newspaper. They read it every day. The paper gives a good picture of the news.

Frank Young is a journalist. He’s an editor. He works for the Times. Let’s talk to Frank about his job and about the Times.

“Good evening. I’m Frank Young. I’m an editor of the Sheldon Times. I choose articles for the paper. The most important news of the world goes on the front page. There are other interesting articles on the inside pages. The news articles give the facts. An editorial gives an opinion. I usually write an editorial about the news each day.

“The Times has many advertisements or ‘ads.’ It has several comic strips also. On Sundays the comic strips are in color. The children like the comic strips very much.

“The Sheldon Times is important to all the people. People read the paper to know the news. A free press is very important to any country.”

Fonte: McGillivray, J. H. & Echols, J. R. 1966 [1961]. People at work. RJ, Ao Livro Técnico.

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